Kubernetes AppOps Security Series

In 2019 I wrote a series of articles comprising six articles on Kubernetes AppOps Security (Network Policies, Security Context and PodSecurityPolicies) that has successively been published on German magazine JavaSPEKTRUM, starting in it’s 05/2019 issue.

I’m pleased to announce that the series is now completely published and available in English and German on the Cloudogu Blog:

  1. Network Policies – Part 1 – Good Practices | 🖺 original article PDF (German)
  2. Network Policies – Part 2 – Advanced Topics and Tips | 🖺 original article PDF (German)
  3. Security Context – Part 1: Good Practices | 🖺 original article PDF (German)
  4. Security Context – Part 2: Background | 🖺 original article PDF (German)
  5. Pod Security Policies – Part 1: Good Practices | 🖺 original article PDF (German)
  6. Pod Security Policies – Part 2: Exceptions and Troubleshooting | 🖺 original article PDF (German)

Going along with the articles went some open source demos showcasing the appOps security features: cloudogu/k8s-security-demos.

In addition, I had the honor of presenting the topic on several conferences.

Finally, we created a “Cloud Native Appli­cation Security” training at Cloudogu where you can get your hands on these topics, among others.

It has been a most intersting journey on which I learned a lot and experienced lots of support from my dear colleages at Cloudogu. Thank you so much!


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